R&R Pipeline has over 25 years of experience in installing new or replacing all sizes of water pipeline systems.  Most of the pipeline installed for residential, commercial, industrial customers for our utility partners is coated steel or plastic pipe. On pipeline replacement projects we are tasked to replace bare or coated steel, cast iron, copper, and first-generation plastic pipe. R&R Pipeline can install small and large diameter main and service lines.

Our current array of services includes:

• Pipeline Installation: small and large diameter plastic or steel pipe.

• Utility Service Laterals: small or large diameter plastic or steel services.

• Copper Customer Service Line Replacement: coordinate and replace copper lines on volume basis.

• Horizontal Directional Drilling: small and large diameter bore holes in all terrain types.

• Camera Inspection Services: inspect interior of pipeline for corrosion, leaks, and wall thickness.

• Hydro Excavation: customized solutions.

• Traffic Control Services: city, urban, and rural.

• Cross Bore Mitigation: all pipelines.

• Water Meters: piping and installation

• GPS Services: document the longitude and latitude of new or existing transmission lines, distribution lines, pump stations, critical valves, and other important infrastructure items.

• Lift Station Installation: install piping, valves, and regulation to increase system flow pressure.

Specialty Services Provided Upon Request:

• Line Walking Services: locate unmapped facilities and identify pipeline leakage.

• Rights of Way - location cleared, marked, and impediments identified.

• Utica Well Service - Installation of privately owned water facilities to Utica well drilling site.

• Facility Information – locate pipelines and provide post construction as-builts.