Recognizing that many water pipeline projects include sewer projects, R&R
Pipeline offers our water customers with an option to include associated sewer work. Recognizing the challenges of deep excavation sites, traffic control, off hour construction, and restoration, R&R Pipeline has a long history of successfully completing large scale projects on-time and on budget.

Our current services options to water customers includes:

• Pipeline Installation: small and large diameter plastic or steel pipe.

• Utility Service Laterals:  small or large diameter plastic or steel services.

• Horizontal Directional Drilling: small and large diameter bore holes in all terrain types.

• Hydro Excavation: customized solutions

• Traffic Control Services: city, urban, and rural

• GPS Services: document the longitude and latitude of new or existing transmission lines, distribution lines, pump stations, critical valves, and other important infrastructure items.

• Booster Station Installation: install piping, valves, and regulation to increase system flow pressure.

• Camera Inspection Services: inspect the interior of the pipeline for corrosion, leaks, and wall thickness.

Specialty Services Provided Upon Request:

• Line Walking Services: locate unmapped facilities and identify pipeline leakage.

• Rights of Way: location marked and impediments identified.