R&R Pipeline service offerings have expanded to address the emerging challenges of the domestic electricity industry. Recognizing the challenges facing the generation, transmission, and distribution power segments, R&R Pipeline has taken initial steps to train and qualify our field construction team members to modify our service capabilities to address the following industry challenges:

Replace overhead distribution wire systems through buried electric cable solutions.

Install new distribution wire systems to support residential, commercial, and industrial growth.

Install new underground vault, distribution electric cable and services to support the emerging electric vehicle (EV) docking station demand.

Install buried electric cable configurations to support the ongoing growth of renewable energy sources associated with wind, solar, and hydro power sources.

Install new underground electric cable solutions to support the ongoing transition to LED or Solar lighting in residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal applications.

With a focus on the items outlined above, R&R Pipeline offers the following array of services:

• Electricity Distribution Cable Installation - direct burial of electric distribution cable or conduit.

• Electricity Distribution Service Installation - direct burial of electric distribution service cable or conduit.

• Electric Vehicle (EV) Docking Station Installation - vault construction and electric cable burial.

• Customized Renewable Wiring Solutions - direct burial of customized cable solutions to support the renewable energy industry segment.

• Lighting Solutions - either replace or install new cable configurations to support the ongoing transition to LED or Solar lighting

• Traffic Control Solutions – city, urban, and rural.

• GPS Services - document the longitude and latitude of new or existing electricity facilities.

Speciality Service Provided Upon Request:

• Line Walking Services: locate unmapped facilities.

• Rights of Way: locations marked and infringements identified.